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KBM Resources Group

Welcome to the 2014 spring edition of KBM Resources Group’s quarterly newsletter!

In this edition, we are:

        1) Highlighting successes in the first stages of community based land use planning with Marten Falls First Nation,
        2) Showcasing innovations in forestry survey techniques (using large-scale aerial photography for silviculture effectiveness monitoring), and
        3) Introducing you to our Sales Department and an exciting addition to our product line - the ultra-rugged Juniper handheld computer.

KBM Sales

KBM Sales offers a comprehensive line of quality equipment and supplies for foresters, geologists, surveyors, and outdoor professionals and enthusiasts.  Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, Jason and Brendan, strive to offer quality products, competitive prices, prompt quotations, same day shipping and unrivaled service in Thunder Bay.
We offer:

      • Sales and rental program for survey equipment (from magnetic locators to RTK Systems)
      • Satellite phones
      • Largest Garmin dealer in Northern Ontario
      • Topcon and Juniper GPS Systems
      • Flagging Tape (multiple varieties and colours)
      • Safety equipment (from bear deterrent to hi-viz vests)
      • Axes and hand tools


Juniper Archer 2 Handheld Field Computer

The Juniper Archer 2 field PC is now available for sale! The original took everything that was right with Microsoft's Windows Mobile and made it available in a tough handheld that was as versatile and multi-talented as a Swiss Army knife. The clever modular "extended cap" design could accommodate GPS, barcode readers, cellular modems, RFID readers, a digital camera, and various cards. 
Now Juniper has made the Archer even better with features like:

      • Easy-to-operate large display;
      • Touch screen that can be used gloves-on;
      • New i.MX53 processor that runs at almost twice the speed of the original (Android version available); and,
      • Highest rating for dust and water protection.

Designed to boost efficiency and speed, the Archer 2 is made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around!  Our sales staff are able to recommend the right hardware and software to suit your field data collection needs.  For a truly customized approach our geomatics professionals are able to design and develop custom data entry programs.  Be wise - get ruggedized!!

Community-based Land Use Planning in the Far North

Marten Falls First Nation has just reached a significant milestone in their land use planning process, with the help of KBM Resources Group.  Under the Far North Act (2010), Marten Falls led a planning process in partnership with the Government of Ontario to identify what land use activities may take place and where.  The final land use plan will identify areas for preservation and protection.  The plan will also specify areas that are suitable for sustainable economic development opportunities. 

Marten Falls has now completed the first steps in the land use planning process which include:

      • Collecting and mapping traditional ecological knowledge and community values information;
      • Meeting with neighbouring First Nations to discuss approaches to planning for areas of shared interest; and,
      • Finalizing a “Terms of Reference” to guide the land use planning process.

The final Terms of Reference that sets out the process for planning can be viewed here.

Silviculture Effectiveness Monitoring using Aerial Photography

Silvicultural effectiveness monitoring (SEM) has an important role in making sure that forest renewal targets are being met.  Ground surveys can be very expensive, and due to growing distance and road access challenges, the demand for alternative forest surveying solutions has intensified.

KBM is all about creative innovation. In response to this problem, our geomatics staff has leveraged the company’s ability to acquire and process aerial imagery along and combined it with KBM’s skilled photo interp staff. The result: a cost-effective systematic survey method using large-scale photography and 3-D softcopy workstations.  In collaboration with our industry and government partners, we are working to provide a solution that offers our clients: 1) reliable stand renewal information as well as 2) a permanent photo record of the target survey areas. 

KBM has a keen interest in refining our survey methodology and incorporating knowledge gained from the company’s R&D efforts in our systems.  For more information on our large-scale photography free-to-grow survey services, contact: Stephane Audet, Operations Manager at 807-345-5445 x229 or

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