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KBM Resources Group

Supporting Canada's Resource Sector with Environmental Certifications

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Are you looking into pursuing a new certification system or struggling with audit results? KBM can help. We have extensive experience interpreting a variety of third-party certification standards (FSC, SFI, CSA SFM, SBP, etc.), conducting environmental management system (EMS) gap analyses, and compiling evidence packages within Canada and the US. KBM has an impressive array of in-house expertise with exceptional research and analytical skills to provide you with solutions to complex ecological, policy and forest management issues and to help facilitate communication with local Aboriginal communities. Sample projects include:

  • Development of protocols and decision trees for robust and standardised identification of Species at Risk under different forest management and fibre procurement systems (FSC, SFI);
  • Gap analyses comparing ISO 14001, CSA, SFI and FSC Forest Management standards against provincial regulatory frameworks
  • Rigorous assessments of High Conservation Values (HCV) for Crown and freehold lands;
  • Environmental risk assessments;
  • In-depth analysis of woodland caribou habitat management approach and its accordance with the precautionary principle; and,
  • Assessment of landscape condition and planned forestry activities according to the Natural Range of Variation (NRV) concept.

CORDA Lac La Croix Project

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"I love this job. It's like a nature walk all day! Tomorrow I'm going to do 40 plots." -Trion Jourdain

Photo credit: Karen Saunders

KBM just wrapped up an extremely successful training and work program with Lac La Croix First Nation. Eleven community members got paid to collect data about the Crown forests in close proximity to their reserve land. Participants learned how to use a wedge prism to estimate the basal area of a stand, and learned how to measure tree diameters, heights and ages. They also learned how to identify the different tree species in their area (in the transition zone between the Great Lakes St. Lawrence and Boreal Forest regions).

The main purpose of the exercise was to expose community members to a potential forestry-related job opportunity. The data will be used to verify the accuracy of the government’s forest inventory, and will also serve as a third dataset for a project with Confederation College and Greenmantle Forest Inc. that involves developing regression models for predicting stand level forest inventory attributes (basal area, stocking, crown closure) using aerial photography.

Through funding from the Canada Resource Development Agreement (CORDA), KBM has been working with Lac La Croix First Nation to investigate potential forestry opportunities in close proximity to the community. The training and work program was one component of a larger project that includes an investigation of:

  • Historical forest condition
  • Current forest condition
  • Existing tenure arrangements
  • Existing wood markets
  • Economic development opportunities associated with the forest in the form of options for the community to consider

KBM Expanding Reach into Urban Forestry

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KBM has been expanding its reach into a growing field of resource management across North America – the planning and management of the urban forest. With staff expertise in remote sensing, strategic planning and stakeholder consultation as well as on-the-ground experience in sample-based urban forest inventory techniques, KBM is well-positioned to assist municipalities in the quantification and management of the urban forest as well as the assessment of land use change and associated policy implications.

KBM’s roster of staff and sub-contractors have participated in projects from Thunder Bay to Toronto. Sample projects include an assessment of the levels and distribution of tree canopy in the City of Thunder Bay, and a study of Toronto’s tree canopy and city-wide strategic forest management plan. KBM’s R&D section is also currently working through an NSERC grant on a research project entitled “Using Full-waveform LiDAR and Multispectral Imaging for Tree Species Identification”. LiDAR has a host of potential applications for urban land managers as a decision-support and planning tool. It can be used in remnant natural areas to: map vegetation structure, characterize habitats, provide detailed terrain mapping and assist in storm water flow modeling among other applications.

First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program (FNNRYEP)

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The FNNRYEP is a program offered by Outland Camps and Confederation College in partnership with Ontario, industry and First Nations.  The program aims to increase youth awareness of career and post-secondary education opportunities.  Upon completion of the six-week program, participants have gained numerous certifications, two high school co-op credits, and the opportunity to network with industry leaders. For the past three years, KBM has been a contributing industry partner during Week 2 – Confederation College Science Camp. 

KBM uses land use planning work we have completed for First Nations communities as case studies. The session focuses on the mapping of First Nations values, including how mapping applies to land use planning, and the multiple uses and benefits it can provide to a community including: connecting elders and youth, preserving history, making a case for historical occupancy, and contributing to environmental assessments. 

Now in KBM’s third year of participation, the program has been expanded and is spread between two former Ontario Ranger camps - Sandbar near Ignace, ON and Mink Lake near Quetico Provincial Park. Over 40 youth from a variety of First Nations (remote and road-accessible) now participate in KBM’s session on land use planning. 

We look forward to next year and a new group of students to inspire.  Providing First Nations youth with an introduction to land use planning empowers them to make a difference.  As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”.

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2015 ESRI International User Conference, San Diego

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KBM was represented at the 2015 ESRI International User Conference (ESRI UC) in San Diego by two of KBM’s analysts. The conference provided an excellent venue for staff (Michelle Hovi and Krista Bullock) to broaden KBM’s scope through exposure to new ESRI products and techniques.  Conference streams included Web GIS (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online), web development (Javascript, Runtime SDK, Widget Customization), data (Mosaic Datasets, imagery capture) across industries including agriculture, forestry, mining and many more.

Outside of the formal sessions, KBM analysts had the opportunity to meet and network with approximately 15,000 like-minded professionals and experts in the field. Much of what Michelle and Krista brought back from the conference has been applied to their daily tasks and roles at KBM.  Fresh ideas for current projects have been brought to the table and have led to more efficient workflows and continuous improvement in project deliverables for our clients.

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