KBM’s Aerial Survey & Geomatics division has been providing advanced GIS services to government, municipal and industry (forestry/mining/utilities) clients since 1990. KBM Resources Group delivers advanced geomatics services from aerial data integration to analysis, modelling and customized mapping.


We own and operate dedicated long-range aircraft outfitted with LiDAR, multi-spectral & thermal imaging cameras, high-resolution mapping cameras, advanced positioning sensors, and mass data storage equipment. Having all of these resources in-house has enabled KBM to deliver unique, quick-to-deploy customized customer solutions. We operate on wheels, floats or skis and welcome remote logistics. Our experienced pilots and operators have an impeccable safety record.

What we can do for you!

  • Forestry
  • Electrical Transmission
  • Mining
  • Corridor Mapping (Railroad/Pipeline/Roads)
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Airports


KBM has a long history of working with Northern Ontario forestry companies to deliver high quality aerial survey products. With multiple contracts extending for multiple years it is easy to see that our products are both well-received and trusted throughout the industry.

We possess over a decade of experience delivering:

  • Supplemental Aerial Photography (SAP) and Free-to-grow (FTG) photography
  • High-density LiDAR and Near-Infrared (NIR) Imagery for use in planning and management
  • Full interpretation services (forest stand data, forest type, lead species, age etc)
  • Various LiDAR derived metrics including Merchantable Volume, Canopy Height Models,
  • Hydro-flattened Digital Elevation Models, Hydrological Drainage Networks and more

Clients include: Resolute Forest Products (2005-present), DOMTAR (2009-present), Wagner Forest Management (2016,2017 & 2019)

Electrical Transmission

Aerial Survey with LiDAR is proven to be the most efficient and precise solution for the planning, modelling and management of both new and existing Electrical Transmission Lines. KBM has tens of thousands of kilometres under our belts from all over North America, delivering high-density LiDAR, Aerial and Oblique photography and derived products. Our data fulfill all industry requirements including those from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Our fleet of aircraft and sensors and our highly experienced team can provide:

  • LiDAR point clouds dense enough for precise wire detection and accurate vegetation mapping
  • High-resolution Aerial and Oblique photography and digital 4K video for Structure and Right-of-Way management
  • Automated detection of Vegetation Encroachment based on spatially precise 3D data, customizable by line size and predictive of future problems
  • Fully integrated PLS-CADD models using industry standard software
  • Options for State-of-the-Art Web GIS delivery, including interactive online mapping and cloud-based enterprise database management

Clients include: SaskPower (2012-present), Wataynikaneyap Power (2017-present)


Adopting and incorporating new technology is one of the ways Canadian mining companies have become undisputable world leaders. KBM has worked with numerous clients in Northwestern Ontario and across the country to improve efficiency and accuracy in both the exploration of new mine sites, and the management and improvement of existing ones.

Our LiDAR based data and high-resolution imagery, including Bare-Earth Elevation models, Slope models, Drainage networks and more, have numerous uses in the mining industry.

Some applications include:

  • Lineament and Fault identification, geomorphology and structural geology mapping
  • Location of old underground workings, mineshafts, abandoned infrastructure (measuring <50cm wide)
  •  Drill hole planning and coordinate validation
  •  Ground subsidence monitoring
  •  Volume and slope calculations for stockpiles, pits, tailings, waste
  •  Slope analysis and run-off surface modelling for feasibility studies, hydrological modelling, and environmental impact studies
  •  Planning and design for access roads and ramps


Clients include: Puregold Mining (2016, 2017 & 2019), NewGold Mining (2016-present), Barrick Gold (2016)

Corridor Mapping (Railroad/Pipeline/Roads)

Aerial imagery and LiDAR combine to provide invaluable tools in the assistance of all facets of large-scale corridor mapping. From route optimization and planning through to construction and maintenance, data can be collected in a fraction of the time of traditional ground survey methods, with greatly reduced safety risks.

Advantages include:

  • Precise Elevation Models (DEM) and other surfaces, (DSM, Slope surface) easily integrated into all commercial and specialist CAD systems
  • Imagery of complete corridor and surrounding area for planning and Environmental assessment
  • Vector feature delineation of man-made and natural objects, including vegetation types and hydrological features and networks
  • Seamless integration with existing data, from Ground-Based point clouds to as-built infrastructure
  • Location analysis for aggregate deposits, based on 3D interpretation

Clients include: MetroLinx (2015), Noront Resources (2015), Nextera Energy Resources (2014)

Municipal Infrastructure and Airports

Planners and engineers rely on the best tools at all times for improved decision-making and efficiency. KBM has worked with partners all over Canada to provide LiDAR, imagery, and value-added products to aid in all facets of their work. All our data is processed to meet national and international standards, including USGS/ASPRS.

Some of the services we have provided are:

  • High and low resolution imagery in Urban, Rural, and Mixed land-use areas
  • Fully classified and colorized LiDAR point clouds, at sufficient point density for building modelling
  • Integrated Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) and Obstruction Identification Surface (OIS) products for runway and approach regulation, and airport expansion planning
  • Vector feature delineation of all obstacles and vegetation violations, such as tree tops, poles, towers, antennae, and buildings.


Clients include: Saddle Hills County (2016 & 2019), Ministry of Transportation Ontario (2014)

Our image analysis lab is equipped with high performance workstations operating the latest aerial data processing and GIS software. We have a team of certified photo interpreters and data analysts. Projects are handled in-house from start to finish. Our attention to detail ensures consistent high quality products.

It is exactly this combination of technical expertise, state of the art equipment, and dedicated leadership that has enabled KBM to consistently deliver high quality products on time, and on budget.

Case Studies


Ontario’s Forest Tenure Review

Government of Ontario

KBM conducted a review of Ontario’s forest tenure modernization efforts for the Ontario government using the measures established by the Forest Tenure Modernization Oversight Group.

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Technical Services

Goliath Gold Project

Treasury Metals Inc.

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Aerial Survey



Over the course of this complex, multi-year project KBM has collected and processed LiDAR and Imagery data aiding in vegetation management and other critical maintenance activities

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“KBM….more than just “Practical Innovation.” Professional, efficient, effective, quality products, are just a few of the words that I would use to describe this group. Their friendly, customer service oriented individuals. I was very fortunate to deal with their Aerial Survey and Geomatics group. Shawn, the project manager, delivered our LiDAR survey products on time and budget! He explained their services in a manner that allowed us to collaboratively design the exact product I needed. Thank you team KBM – I look forward to contracting KBM for other exploration services in the future!”

Danièle Spethmann P.Geo – President & CEO – War Eagle Mining