KBM’s Field and Technical Services Group

completes specialized field data collection in a wide range of applications. Our dedicated field staff have extensive experience working in challenging and remote locations to accurately collect field data supporting environmental monitoring, forest inventory and permitting applications. Our field technicians have diverse skillsets and experience in fields of fisheries and aquatics, terrestrial vegetation assessment, wildlife management, soils and aggregates, and GPS surveying techniques.


  • Forest resource inventories – Timber cruising
  • Regeneration surveys
  • Field data collection
  • 3D softcopy photo interpretation to support forest resource inventories, regeneration assessments, access planning, right-of-way vegetation monitoring and aggregate location.
  • Aggregate location/classification, harvest block and road layout
  • Site assessments and expert guidance related to natural resources, ecology, biology, and water quality management vegetation assessments and forest resource inventories



  • Soil and water quality sampling
  • Wildlife surveys, habitat assessment and mapping
  • GPS mapping, data acquisition and infrastructure monitoring (towers, water crossings, facilities)
  • Renewable energy (wind, water, solar) monitoring services; equipment installations and data collection
  • Forest health monitoring services;
  • Seedling laboratory testing
  • And more!

Case Studies


Controlled Wood Risk Assessment

Various Clients

KBM Resources Group undertook an FSC Risk Assessment on behalf of a group of forestry companies for the area that spans Northwestern Ontario and Northern Minnesota.

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Aerial Survey



Over the course of this complex, multi-year project KBM has collected and processed LiDAR and Imagery data aiding in vegetation management and other critical maintenance activities

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Springpole Project

First Mining Gold

The Springpole Project is based in a remote mining camp on the north shore of Springpole Lake, roughly 115 km northeast of Red Lake, Ontario.

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